No. The DBS test is only for you. When you register online and you receive a DBS test kit, you need to write your validation code on the test card to match it up with the details that you entered on this website.

If you do not write your validation code on the test card, the DBS test will not be performed.

You do not need to worry. This website and the information collected for the DBS test is protected and will be kept confidential.

Your information and personal details will only be available to health workers in the laboratory and nurses directly involved in your care.

You are protected by the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002, NSW Health Privacy Policy and a strict code of conduct for the purposes of keeping patient information confidential.

To register for a HIV and/or hepatitis C DBS test, you will be asked for your personal details and some questions about your testing history. All these details will be stored securely in a database by the service coordinating DBS testing (NSW Sexual Health Infolink) and the laboratory doing the testing. This information is needed to perform the test and match your personal details with your test result.

As part of the DBS HIV and hepatitis C test service we would like to contact you in the future to get your feedback on the service. It is up to you whether you agree to be contacted for this evaluation. .We will never reveal personal information about you to other people or organisations unless legally required to do so. If this happens we will always inform you.

We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that your information is stored securely and in agreement with this Privacy Statement. Information provided by you is protected to keep it confidential.

Sending and receiving information via the internet or via mobile phones, however, may not be completely secure if there are other people who may have access to your computer, mobile phone or email account. Use of computers, mobile phones or email to access such information is at your own risk.

If you request a DBS test kit and do not return your test card to us, your information will be kept to evaluate the service and whether it should continue.

If you request a DBS test kit and return your test card to us we will keep your information for the time required for electronic patient records.